Schools Origin



Saad National Schools for Girls were founded in Khobar City and are based in a strategic location between Khobar, Dhahran and Dammam in an area which is the perfect educational climate. The schools were licensed by the Ministry of Education and provide the highest standards in terms of places, construction and furnishings.

Saad National Schools began with persistent work and plans that aimed at developing programs and educational curricula. Accordingly, they quickly obtained a prestigious position in the community, in spite of their short period in the field of education.
The schools have achieved their objectives through:

  1. Non-profit target. They have an educational and learning objective supported by an owner who provides limitless support and care for the schools.
  2. Accurate organization of all their departments in accordance with the regulations and rules governing the employment of their employees, including teaching, management, occupational hierarchy, internal regulations for admission, testing, correction, evaluation and facilities. All employees believe that high performance is the key factor that will sustain the school’s growth. 
  3. The support of a superintendent who provides the schools with educational plans and staff.
  4. Adhering to social values and religious teachings, thus imposing a discipline in the schools and forming a firm relationship between the students, the schools and the Educational Authority; such a relationship takes the form of one family.
  5. Developing the teaching methods and upgrading the level of efficiency of the employees by keeping them informed of up-coming lectures and developments in the educational field.
  6. Testing, admission and identification methods. Admission stipulates passing the comprehensive examinations that cover education, experience and intelligence. Tests are conducted according to the appropriate specifications. Then, results are studied, analyzed and evaluated. Weak points of scholarly achievement are treated through remedial classes (references center).
  7. At the end of each school term, students should pass diagnostic tests with 70% or more to evaluate the skills they acquired in. These results are then studied and analyzed so that areas of deficiency can be addressed through remedial methods, learning difficulties, phonetic skills help or behavior classes.
  8. The standard adopted by the schools is based on mastering more than 70% of the principal skills.
  9. Taking all procedures and actions necessary to ensure the above.
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